Garden Place Creates Paper Violin Orchestra

Last week, over 150 family members of Garden Place Academy helped 72 kindergartens each create a papier-mâché violin!  The paper violin orchestra helps young students learn to hold and bow the instrument before graduating to real violins at the end of February.

[img src=”” alt=””]Student with newly made Papier-mâché violin
[img src=”” alt=””]It takes concentration and a lot of craftsmanship
[img src=”” alt=””]“Like that?”
[img src=”” alt=””]“Hey, Dad’s doing all the work!”
[img src=”” alt=””]Teamwork is a must
[img src=”” alt=””]Lacquering the violin.
[img src=”” alt=””]Sisters
[img src=”” alt=””]Demonstrating how to hold a violin
[img src=”” alt=””]Success!

Photographs by Brigid Mcauliffe and provided courtesy of The Piton Foundation.