Home Salon Highlights El Sistema Colorado

Steifler Home Salon introduces El Sistema Colorado to friends and family.
Amazing Carlos! Guests at the Stielfer Home Salon enjoyed a solo of "Amazing Grace"
Friends and family joined Ken and Pab Stiefler at their beautiful home last Sunday for fun, food and music. The event included a performance by the amazing young musicians of InTune String Ensemble and El Sistema Colorado students from Garden Place Elementary school. The Stieflers provided a lovely buffet as guests enjoyed the sunny weather and great company.
Ken and Pab introduced the performances by sharing their reasons for being supporters of El Sistema Colorado. They believe strongly that children living in poverty deserve the same opportunity to experience and play music, although their families can’t afford instruments and private lessons. El Sistema Colorado board chair Monika Vischer also spoke about her passion for this mission and encouraged guests to get involved by visiting the program, donating funds or instruments and helping to spread the word.Our thanks to Ken, Pab, InTune String Ensemble and all of the guests who support our students with financial contributions, instrument donations and encouragement.

Hosting a Home Salon is a wonderful way to help raise awareness and support for El Sistema Colorado. Interested in hosting a Home Salon? Contact Jan Brennan for more information at 303-88-1990 or JBrennan@ElSistemaColorado.org.