You can be a Snack Superhero!


Playing music is great fun, but also hard work! We are seeking fuel for our young musicians in the form of daily snacks for our summer programs.

If you can provide 65-70 snacks (one for each student) one morning this summer (weekdays July 6-31), please contact Jamie at

Good student snacks include individually-packaged granola bars, nuts, popcorn, chips, crackers, fruit, or something homemade like cookies or cupcakes. Snacks can be delivered to Bryant-Webster (3635 Quivas Street in Denver) by 10:20am.

While you’re here delivering snacks, you’re welcome to watch and listen to our young orchestra rehearse and also meet our students!

If you would like to provide snacks for a day of camp between July 6 -31, please contact Jamie at

Thank you for your continued support!