Meet Jaden Diaz

Jaden attended El Sistema Colorado’s after-school program for the first time in spring of 2014. Soon a regular in the program, Jaden joined the Ambassadors Ensemble, El Sistema Colorado’s extracurricular chamber orchestra of students who exhibit terrific commitment and excellence in playing their instrument.

“If we won the lottery, I would give half my money to El Sistema—that’s how much I love this program.”
– Victoria Gutierrez, Jaden’s mother

ESC’s interview with parent Victoria Gutierrez:

Q: What do you think about the program?
A: El Sistema has accommodated Jaden in every way possible. Jaden is blind, so he can’t read music. He wants to learn as much as he can, and [the program] gives him the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments.

Q: Has Jaden grown since starting El Sistema?
A: He’s grown tremendously in music; El Sistema has taught him so much. He wants to go
to a music school in Manhattan.

The program gives Jaden an opportunity to become what he wants to become – a professional musician. I believe if El Sistema is around as Jaden goes through school, they will help him get where he wants to be.

ESC’s interview with Jaden Diaz:

Grade : 7th
Age : 12
Instrument : Cello

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing an instrument?
A: You get to express your feelings – sort of like poetry, or any kind of art. It’s relaxing.

Q: What about the cello?
A: I’m learning the six Cello Suites by Bach; it’s just something I’m doing by myself. I feel happy but a little challenged. It’s really fun!

Q : What do you like about being in the Ambassadors?
A: We learn a lot of cool music . . . Hallelujah [Leonard Cohen], The Incredibles, and we’re going to learn the Harry Potter theme, and I really like Harry Potter.