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New School Year, New Faces

English Español New School Year, New Faces Each school year begins with new faces, whether it is new classmates, teachers, parents, or friends. Here at El Sistema Colorado, we have quite a few new faces to share. Our new staff and faculty are a wonderful, passionate, and capable bunch!  El Sistema Colorado is growing so […]

Meet the Board of El Sistema Colorado

English Español Meet the El Sistema Colorado Board of Directors Here at ESC we are fortunate to have a Board of Directors filled with active, passionate, and thoughtful professionals. Each member brings their own diverse strengths and perspectives to the table and helps to ensure a strong present and future for ESC. While our staff […]

Free Virtual Summer Music Programs

English Español Free Virtual Summer Music Programs This summer is different for our world and for our students. There are many camps or classes for students that have been cancelled in order to keep families, students, and staff safe as we weather the Coronavirus crisis.  Here at El Sistema Colorado, we have worked to create […]

Q+A with ESC’s New Executive Director—Whitney Stuberg

English Español English We are thrilled to announce that Whitney Stuberg has assumed the full-time role of Executive Director of El Sistema Colorado as of June 8, 2020. As you may be aware, Whitney has grown quickly in her role as Development & Operations Manager since starting with ESC in September 2019. Since then, Whitney […]

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